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what is unique about us?

In an ever increasing landscape of “pro” level leagues and e-sport competition, we strive to differ

World Series Racing exists to provide a sociable, open community of sim racing enthusiasts. We firmly believe there is a need for a place away from the from the intense level of “pro” focus competition where hundreds of practice laps, hours of set-up tweaking and, in many cases, a “win at all costs” approach.

We seek to provide a platform where members can enjoy rewarding and entertaining events no matter what position you are battling for or what you are driving. Enjoyable sim racing with like minded friends in a welcoming community.

We actively encourage

  • Fair, clean and respectful racing
  • Owning up to driving mistakes
  • Set-up sharing and guidance
  • Hardware help and support  
  • Sim and real motorsport chat
  • Joining in and having fun

We actively discourage

  • “Win at all cost” mentality
  • Taking it too serious, its not real!
  • Anyone who only wants to turn up to certain events or series
  • Team managers running a results focused “pro” team


We actively remove

  • Anyone who cannot race clean and fair
  • Anyone who cannot follow our simple rules
  • Anyone who is rude or disrespectful
  • Anyone who is not active

Our two clear styles of enjoying your sim racing at World Series Racing.

Cup Series & events

  • Social standalone events or mini-series
  • Available to all registered members on First come first serve basis, no registration required
  • “Cup” Events are designed to be social experience, join in and chance to show your understanding of WSR conduct.
  • No active stewarding panels or appeals. Disqualification and or WSR ban the only penalties given for poor conduct.
  • Single driver competition, no teams or teamwork permitted

Prime Series

  • Full organised championships, yet retaining our core values of social and fun racing.
  • Entry via application, and places awarded at WSR Senior Admin staff discretion.
  • “Prime” series are a reward members that clearly demonstrate our community philosophies.
  • Stewarding and investigation available via incident review request, penalties applied where appropriate.
  • Team entry permitted to a maximum of two drivers.

For our full members policy

A few words about us.

Providing social sim racing since 2011

World Series Racing was formed by its founder, after leaving a social GP league which became too serious and was no longer enjoyable to participate in. Following a failed search for somewhere to race that ticked this box, we decided to start up on our own and WSR was born.

Using rFactor 1 for the first few years, we ran fictional touring cars for a few seasons with limited success and small grids, yet the racing was enjoyable and the small community great. It was a switch to running BTCC cars in 2012 that really saw things grow and many members remain with us today. BTCC remains at the heart of what we do today.

In recent years, our success brought fresh challenge with new members joining that saw the competition on par with top flight leagues. With this came expectations of complex rules, increased management input for events and detailed post race incident reviews. This subconsciously had put us on a path that WSR admins did not wish to follow nor enjoyed. A reset in 2019 brings us firmly back to our community core which is where we want to be.

Where it began

rFactor 1, 2011

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