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BVTCC is World Series Racing blue ribbon series. Running since 2012, the series features all the formats, rules and set-up of the real world series it is based on.

Running over ten events, drivers can take part individually or as a team.

We use the Next Gen Mod Teams NGTC mod which we are a proud to be partners with.

The 2020 season has concluded but the championship will return in 2021, follow our social media platforms for news.

Event Format

Friday Nights from 21:00 (UK)

Quali - 15 mins

Race 1 - quali grid

Race 2 - R1 result grid,

Race 3 - R2 random


reverse grid

Joining In

BVTCC is open to WSR members via application

Entry is at admin discretion to ensure excellent standards

WSR standard rules apply with additonal BVTCC regulation below

MOD distributed only to entrants



1.1 - Entry Criteria

BVTCC is a "Prime" series. It is open to all WSR members via application however admins will only award entry to members that demonstrate the ability to race clean and fairly in cup competitions as well as embrace the community ethos of WSR.

Successful entries can choose to run solo or as part of a two car team.

Entry application will be available on this page once open.

1.2 - Car selection

Drivers have a choice of six car models from the NGMT and S397

  1. Ford Focus RS
  2. Honda Civic 
  3. Mercedes A Class
  4. MG 6GT
  5. Subaru Levorg
  6. Vauxhall Astra.

BVTCC caps vehicle selection to ensure grid variety so not more that 30% of the grid is of one type. As such second choices made be requested for car selection

Once selected, you must run that car for the full or remainder of the season depending when you joined.

Teams must run the same car for both drivers

1.3 Custom livery

Drivers are encouraged to use custom livery however skin transfer is not enabled on the BVTCC server. Skins must be sent to admins prior to joining for addition to the custom mod.

Members take a lot of pride in their designs so we ask that custom BVTCC designs are approached in similar manner.

Two car teams are required to run similar base design although sponsors, accent or highlight colours can vary.



2.1 Season Structure

There are 10 events per current season.

A drop score for a drivers lowest scoring event is applicable from event 1 to 9 and applied to standing prior to the final round.

2.2 Event format

Each event consists of

  • Qualifying session of 15 minutes
  • Three BVTCC races of set lap distance (Circa 20 minutes)

2.3 Race grids

  • The grid for race one is decided during the qualifying session
  • The grid for race two is based on the finishing order of race one
  • The grid for race three is based on finishing positions, however there is also a reverse-grid element to the starting order. Numbers representing the cars that finished from sixth to 12th position in race two are put into a random draw. The corresponding car will start on pole, with the cars that finished ahead of it reversed i.e. if number six is chosen, the car that finished sixth in race two will start from pole ahead of the car that finished fifth, fourth, third etc. The remainder of the grid follows as per the finishing order of race two

2.4 Points

The points system is 20-17-15-13-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for the top 15 finishers.

Single bonus points are awarded for fastest laps and leading laps during races.

3.1 Series rulebook

WSR's standard rules and driver handbook applies as normal with the further additions.

3.2 Success Ballast

Drivers that are successful must carry ballast (additional weight) in their cars. Ballast is given to the top ten runners in the following allocations:

1st: 60kg, 2nd: 54kg 3rd: 48kg, 4th: 42kg, 5th: 36kg, 6th: 30kg, 7th: 24kg, 8th: 18kg, 9th: 12kg, 10th: 6kg

  • Between events, ballast is allocated according to championship positions and is carried in qualifying and race one
  • For races two and three, ballast is allocated according to the finishing positions in race one and two respectively

3.3 Tyre Compounds

Drivers are no longer required to specify before qualifying, the race in which they will use their ‘Option’ tyre. Instead, they will be free to make their choice during the course of the race event.

‘Option’ compounds

Soft: Brands Hatch Indy, Silverstone National, Silverstone International and Brands Hatch GP - with Medium compound being the 'Standard'

Medium: Knockhill, Oulton Park – with the Soft compound being the ‘Standard’ tyre

The Hard compound tyre is the sole dry tyre to be used at Thruxton.

The Medium compound tyre is the sole dry tyre to be used at Donington Park.

All three tyre compounds are to be used at both Croft and Snetterton.


3.4 Stewarding

A stewarding panel is available on all WSR "Prime" championships. Drivers who feel their event was unfairly affected due to an incident can log an incident request via the "members Tools" menu.

Stewards have number of options at their disposal and may decide to award penalty.


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