GT3 sprint SERIES

Group GT3, known technically as Cup Grand Touring Cars and commonly referred to as simply GT3. These balanced car create close racing between high powered heavyweights.

Running over eight European events, drivers can take part individually or as a team.

Both S397 DLC packs are required to join. GT3 and GT3 Challengers packs.

Event Format

Friday nights from 21:00 (UK)

Quali - 10 mins Superpole

Race 1 - quali grid, 30 mins

Race 2 - R1 result grid, 30 mins

Race 3 - R2 full reverse grid, 30 mins


*Le Mans is 2x 45 minute races with 1.5x points on offer.

Joining In

Euro GT3 is open to all members

WSR standard rules apply

S397 GT3 DLC packs required

Skin transfer enabled

Teams wishing to field more than two cars can apply here




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