Welcome to the WSR Members Handbook. This document has been created for the use of members to find all essential information about their membership in one location. This handbook contains information on membership issues alongside conduct rules. All drivers should check the handbook before contacting us, as it is likely that you will be able to find the answer to your question here.

1.1 The Organization

World Series racing (WSR for short) is an online community for racing simulator users. The domain www.worldseriesracing and all website content, including images, text, audio, designs, downloads, scripts, unless otherwise stated, are the legal property of WSR.

World Series racing is a non-profit organization and does not charge any fees to apply for,or to retain membership ofthe organization. No member of WSR may request money or charge fees as a prerequisite to offering any assistance or product. In addition, no member is permitted to resell or make any commercial or non-commercial use of the WSR website or communication platforms. The prohibitions set forth in this paragraph expressly include any and all sales and/or solicitations of money, goods and services no matter for what purpose, person, group or cause, without limitation. Members violating these rules will be suspended immediately.

1.2 Staff Team

The WSR staff team is composed of a handful of dedicated volunteers. Together as a team, we work towards our mission statement.

1.3 Donations

WSR relies on donations to cover the cost of website hosting, storage, domains and dedicated multi-player servers. We are always grateful to members who make donations, however small or large.

The process of donating is easy, we have set up a PayPal donation widget which makes it quick, simple and above all, safe to donate to WSR.

WSR Donation page.

2.1 Racism, Sexism, bullying or any other similar issue

WSR is a multinational organization, there is no place for racism, sexism or any other derogatory belief at WSR and it will not be tolerated. Anyone being demonstrating unacceptable behaviour will be banned. There are absolutely no exceptions whatsoever

2.2 Swearing

Members are kindly asked to watch their language while connected to Discord and respect other members. There should be no swearing on Discord whatsoever during the day or early evening. After 9.00 PM (UK local time) this rule is relaxed and mild swearing is allowed. However, any members who are excessively swearing or being OTT may be quietly pulled aside by a staff member and asked to kindly watch their language and basically just calm it down. Should there be a case where any specific member(s) is causing major concern;the member(s) should be referred to a member of the staff team to discuss further action.

2.3 General Online Conduct.

As already noted abusive, foul or obscene language will not be tolerated. Members are to refrain from engaging in argumentative slanging matches. We expect all posts to be made in clear English (do not use abbreviated / text language). Members who are unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner should not post. The WSR communication platforms are moderated by the staff team.

The following debates or posts are considered unacceptable in all circumstances
a)Any offensive statements, but especially if directed at / or about other members
b)Pornographic links or sexually orientated material
c)Any debates or remarks which may offend regarding religious issues and local customs. This includes any material that may offend younger members
d)References to links for illegal software
e)Posts that are considered as non-contributory to the general well-being and morale of the member base
f)Advertising of other Sim racing communities.
g)Any posts that are of a political nature
h)Posts which contain spam, flooding, advertisements, chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations.
Any posted messages express the views of the author, and not necessarily the views of WSR or its staff. The staff team reserves the right to remove objectionable content, within a reasonable time frame, if they determine that removal is necessary.
2.4 Discord Server Conduct
WSR run a 24/7 Discord server for the general use of members. We strongly recommend all members use this for community discussion and during event even if in listen only.
Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated. We operate on a ‘three strikes and out policy. You will get two chances to stop the disruptive behaviour. Failure to do so will result in being kicked from the server and your IP will be banned so you will be unable to connect again. This includes things such as:
•Abusive language either spoken or typed.
•Purposely talking over the top of other people.
•Deliberately interrupting members who are chatting or busy
•Advertising/promoting/recruiting for other organizations
•Or anything else which an  Admin / Staff Team Member deems inappropriate.
Additionally please allow all members voices chance to speak or talk, some members may be more naturally chatty than others but please respect everyone’s ability to join in the conversation.

3.1 General Participation

All WSR community members must make sure they understand and comply with the following to enter WSR events

  • Applied for and received “Member Status” via our Discord channel
  • Ensure full name is used where able in on-line events (mandatory for rF2)

3.2 Competition Types

All WSR events fall into one of two catogories and have differing approaches

  • “Cup” These are social standalone events or mini-series. These competitions are available to all member on first come first serve basis.
  • “Team” these are more structured competitions where application is required. WSR Rules and standards still apply however we are more selective with who competes in these competitions to ensure good standard. These more structured  series reward members that clearly demonstrate our community philosophies

3.3 Good Sportsmanship

WSR considers good sportsmanship to be the very the basic foundation of any competition. Competitors are expected to hold the qualities of fairness, honesty, courtesy, and justice to be more important than the outcome of the race.

3.4 Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any unsportsmanlike conduct, on any scale, is not welcome at WSR events. Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct have many forms such as cheating (for example; loopholes, event manipulation, etc), arguing, yelling, intimidation and foul/aggressive behaviour.

3.5 Driver disciplinary

Competitors that show poor sportsmanship will be warned once by WSR admins. Repeat offences may result in a ban from the community.

“Team” series – These competitions have a full steward panel with reviews conducted on request. It is down to the competitor to review an incident before submitting. Drivers found to have causing incident or contact may be penalised by the Steward Team of Staff if necessary and as the panel feel appropriate.

“Cup” events – Cups events have limited steward investigation, again only on report/request. Full panel team review will not take place however a WSR admin will review any request and consider. These events are intended to show clean and mature racing so will we not go into series/event micro management, as such we only have one standard penalty which is a full DQ. To put it simply, if you are an idiot and destroy somebody’s race intentionally or not, you will be disqualified unless you self penalise or hand the place back during the event. Participation in cup events is on understanding of this condition.


3.6 Event / Series structure

Event structure varies for each series. “Full” server rules is the default standard unless otherwise stated on each series web page. Event format is also clearly listed there.

3.7 Driver Event Preparation

Drivers are fully responsible for being ready and prepared for joining our events at the set start times. Software or Hardware issues immediately prior or during events should be considered a “Did not Start” or “Did not Finish” scenario.

3.8 Event Communication Channels

Discord Voice channel should be used wherever possible even if in listen only. In all community events we encourage fun, laughs and banter however when the track action is running please be respectful of others desire to concentrate and limit to only necessary comms.

On track incidents should not be discussed/debated/argued during events by either voice or text chat.

3.9 Event Communication Conduct

Discord Voice Push To Talk (PTT) is enforced for everybody in the WSR Events voice channel. 

Text chat in the in game chatbox and Discord voice and text servers are banned during races.

PTT means if you start venting at people, you have made a conscious decision to press the button.

Any breach of these rules and/or innapropriate community conduct are subject to the following rules:

— First offence you will be kicked from the voice channel or server and disqualified from the race in question.

— Second offence you will be given a 1 event ban.

— Third offence you will be banned from WSR channels.

As a reminder – If you’re involved in an incident on-track:

* Do not react to it in any way (on or off track).
* Look at server replays – Server replays are more accurate and minimise lag. Client replays can sometimes be out of sync for things like car inputs, or even car positioning of the remote car. All stewards decisions are based off the server replays.
* Report it to the stewards in the normal way.

4.1 On TrackConduct overview

Although we are a sociable community, WSR expects its members to be sensible and mature enough to understand what constitutes fair racing and acceptable conduct. As such we will not go into finite detail as to what is or isn’t deemed correct. Staff will be happy to give pointers at any time. That said we do have some simple basic rules as to what is expected as follows.

4.2 Passing General

The responsibility for the decision to pass another car, and to do it fairly, rests with the overtaking driver. The overtaken driver should however be aware that he/she is being passed and must not impede the pass by “Blocking”.

A pass made as result of contact, including rear end push to pass and late lunges leading to contact will be deemed illegal.

A pass blocked by contact will also be deemed illegal.

In both situations forcing an opponent off track will be deemed an illegal move.

4.3 Lapping / Multiclass Racing Passing

The overtaking car in the faster class must ensure their pass of the slower class is done safely and correctly. All drivers are instructed to use mirrors and communication to ensure safe overtaking, although vocal communication between classes should not be mandatory for the pass.

4.4 Lapped Drivers

Lapped drivers must be aware of faster cars approaching and must make sure they stick to their racing line; Blue flags are to be observed. Drivers should not make sudden or unpredictable changes to their course in an attempt to allow the faster car to pass.

4.5 Racing Room

“Racing room.” In most cases, is defined as “at least one car width.” If adequate racing room is left between cars and there is incidental contact with no major consequences, the contact will be considered “side-to-side.”

Where racing room is not given and contact occurs that affects one or more drivers, the stewards (in the event of an incident report) will take into account who did or did not provide adequate room.

4.6 Rough Driving

Any driver, deemed by the Staff, displaying rough or unsportsmanlike driving may be penalized.

4.7 Blocking

A driver may choose to defend his/her racing line so long as it is not considered “Blocking”. “Blocking” is defined as two consecutive line changes to “defend his/her line,” and in doing so, impedes the vehicle that is trying to pass.

4.8 Unsporting tactics

Any actions between two drivers on track to manipulate results will result in disqualification. This includes but is not limited to tactics such as bump drafting, boxing out other drivers, intentionally backing up the race.

4.9 Use of lights

Use of headlights is only permitted when night running is part of the event and required by the in-sim rules or in daytime wet conditions. Dry daytime light running is prohibited as is flashing in any scenario.

4.10 Right to the Line

Prior to the braking point, the driver in front has the right to choose any line, so long as he/she is clear of the other car and not blocking as defined above.  Where an overlap exists however both drivers have the right to racing room no matter how big or small the overlap.

At the corner entry a driver attempting to make a pass shall have the right to the corner line when their front wheel is more than 50% alongside the other vehicle. This assumes their vehicle is under full control and able to make the turn

4.11 Track Limits

The track limit is defined by the two white lines at either edge of the track, or where present – widened to include trackside kerbings (not including “sausage” kerbs).

A driver will be considered to have exceeded track limits if all four wheels are outside of the white lines, or where kerbing is present if three or more wheels are outside of the kerbing. The Chief Steward reserves the right to amend this for specific venues at any time, which will be communicated in the appropriate series discord channel.

4.12 Vehicle in dangerous position

If you are involved in an incident and find yourself in a dangerous position which you are unable to safely leave, you must retire from the race before affecting any other driver.

4.13 Track re-joins

Must always be done in a safe manner regardless of the scenario or how you ended up off track. Failure to do so will result in steward action up to and including disqualification. Drivers on track must also make reasonable steps to allow re-joining vehicles to do so safely.

4.14 Lagging / Poor connection

Drivers experiencing poor connection and/or lagging should not compete. Members should retire and seek to fix the issue before re-joining.

4.15 Post race cooldown

It is not a requirement to complete the cool down lap however some members do like to return to pits under their own steam. If you wish to quit back to pits, safely escape to the menu, allowing others to continue should they wish. Cooldown lap contact is prohibited.

5.1 Unless otherwise detailed, WSR events use the following standard scoring structure.

90% race distance to score

Position 1 =20 points
Position 2 =17 points
Position 3 =15 points
Position 4 =13 points
Position 5 =11 points
Position 6 =10 points
Position 7 =9 points
Position 8 =8 points
Position 9 =7 points
Position 10 =6 points
Position 11 =5 points
Position 12 =4 points
Position 13 =3 points
Position 14 =2 points
Position 15 =1 point

Fastest Lap = 1 point
Lead a lap = 1 point

Drop scores are given for the lowest scoring round prior to the final round of each series. The final round results are not eligible for drop score.

If you have any question then feel free to contact us via the contact page, Discord channel or our Facebook page.