Virtual 3 hours of Silverstone


LM C1 endurance

A booming real world affordable endurance series. These small, slow but insanely fun little cars to race are a firm WSR favourite. LM C1 is our tongue in cheek sim version using a mod exclusive to WSR, developed by our members including drivers from the real series.

This single 3 hours event is open to all including regular WSR members, sim racers and real C1 racers.

Event Format

Friday 22nd May from 19:30 (UK)

19:30 - 15 min qualifying

19:45 - 15 minute warmup

20:00 - 23:00 3 hour endurance

Joining In

LM C1 is open to all.

WSR standard rules apply. This is a team event with driver changes enabled (max 3 drivers)

Skin transfer enabled

This is an outline briefing guide to the 3 hour Silverstone event on 22/05/20. Any specific questions not covered by this guide should be directed to WSR staff via our Discord channel.

This is an open new style event for us and the C1 mod developed by our staff and members. If the event is successful, we will seek to add further events in future. Please understand that although we have 10 years experience of regular sprint race meetings, an event of this length and scale is new to us and we will be learning. Participation in the event is intended to be within the spirit of WSR priciples as detailed in our about us page…. fun, fair, social community sim racing.

We’d like to thank StrawmanAndy for his hard work on the mod, Real world C1 driving members for feedback, WSR team for supporting this event and our long-term members for loving those little cars as much as we do.

Event timings are listed as above in the Event Format section above.

**Please note All participants must be registered with WSR via our Discord channel with Licence application completed and member status awarded. Any team fielding drivers without this will be disqualified.**

World Series Racing standard rules and conduct guidelines should be followed from our handbook, linked here https://worldseriesracing.com/home/handbook


Any other rules listed below are in addition to these.

  • Mod download/install
  • Race specific rules
  • Driver swap guide
  • Skin / livery guide
  • Current Team List
  • Event communications
  • Stewarding

Drivers can download the C1 mod via our Discord channel. The link and paint template can be found pinned in the C1 Silverstone general chat channel. The mod is still in development and must not be distributed elsewhere.

WSR member with prior versions of our C1 mod should fully removed prior versions

The following rules are event specific and are in addition to those listed in our handbook which covers general member conduct and on track specific conduct and should be read in full.

General server rule setting

  • Server rules set to Full without DQ.
  • Track cut penalties are on and will be policed by the game itself. There will be no admin intervention to remove.

Pit lane rules

  • Pit lane speed limit is 100KPH (62MPH)
  • Fuel refill occurs separately to tyre changes.
  • Driver swaps have no timing impact.


  • Qualifying must be carried out by the driver starting the race.


  • Start will be formation lap with rolling start.

Full flag rules in effect for duration of the race.

  • Teams selecting existing liveries are shown in the entry list below, these team can find the liveries in the C1 mod car selection
  • For custom skins, server skin transfer is enabled.
  • Detailed painting and car creation guide available here https://docs.studio-397.com/users-guide/how-to-paint-a-car-with-the-new-material-system
  • Driver 1 who completes qualifying and thus starting race should carry out this step. This will load the car for other team members. Alternately all team members should join the server pre-event and the skin will transfer to your car selection menu.
  • If any issues, please contact us via Discord.

Team Name

Driver 1

Driver 2

Driver 3

Car skin choice (or submit custom)

WSR C1ampions

Nathan Hammond

Benjamin Lewis


Custom skin


Karl Alden

Jake Alden


Real C1 Teams – C-TRON

TR Bluvos Motorsports

Michael Teichmann

Ernest Lapins


Custom skin

M-Sport Racing

Matt Lewis

Steve Wood


Custom skin


Jake Little

James Little


Custom skin


Hélder Dias

Paulo Tempera


Iconic Liveries – Gulf


Gustavo Goncalves

Hugo Carvalhido


Iconic Liveries – AMR Modern

BS Racing Team

João Sousa

Miguel Bento


Custom skin


Tiago pina

Nuno Gonçalves


Iconic Liveries – AMR 90’s


Otelo Gonzaga

Diogo Amaral


Custom skin


Placido Coimbra

David Luis


Custom skin

Ramada Motorsport

Pedro Ramada

Luis Queiros

Filipe Barreto

Screen cars – Ecto1

Rocket Baguette

Dylan Da Costa

Antoine Fernandez

Victor Montosson

Custom skin

Ramada Motorsport II

Rui Reis

Nuno Henriques


Iconic Liveries – Ford GT

NoWifi Infinity Racing

Isaac Barclay

Harry Harvey


Custom skin

Team Pristine

Charlie budd

Glen woodbridge


Iconic Liveries – Pink Pig

JFO Vipers

Paulo Fernandes

Pedro Nunes

Filipe Oliveira

Iconic Liveries – Rothmans

Emax Motorsport

Max Finn

Glen Finn


Screen cars – Knight Industries

KReilly Motorsport Powered By Camber Media

David Christie

Keir Reilly


Custom skin


Ben Thomas

Dave Pearson


Screen cars – Lightning McQueen


Joe Giovannini

Edd Munns

Tom Gannon

Real C1 Teams – C1 Cub Red

Gravel Trap Racing

Chris English

Rob Mason


Custom skin


Marc Harris

Jimi Hughes

Eric Stranne

Custom skin


Brent Owen

Andrew Schembri


Custom skin

20:12 Motorsport

Peter Jones

Violet Benton-Fife


Custom skin

NoWifi Infinity Racing Pink

Oscar Koper

Josh Falcus


Iconic Liveries – Pink Pig

Double D

Daniel Hurlock

Dane Webster


Custom skin

3 Spark Racing

James Taylor

James Page


Custom skin

Rocket Racing

Andy Simmons

Justin Brown


Custom skin

Auriol Sport

Joao Brites

Luis Fernandes


Iconic Liveries – JPS

MR Corse

Miguel Cabral

Pedro Costa

Markes Mendes

Custom skin

ORM Enoque

Joao Gurtner

Toz Almeida

Marco Felix

Custom skin

Marloe Watch Company Racing

John Munro

Ross McGregor


Custom skin

GRT – Grow Racing Team Red

Pedro Rebelo

Ricardo Neto


Real C1 Teams – C1 Cub Red

GRT – Grow Racing Team White

Carlos Silva

Pedro Vieira


Real C1 Teams – C1 Cub White

  • All official event communications will be conducted via our Discord voice channels and a read only official race text channel.
  • Use of rf2 in game chat messaging is banned for this event and use will be penalised. Admins may communicate important messages to teams and drivers during the race via this function.
  • Teams may request their own private sub channels prior to the event if they wish to have a place for private team comms.
  • Short Briefing will take place immediately prior to qualifying and race sessions
  • Teams should monitor the main event voice channel during practice and warmup for important communications but are free to use their own channels during qualifying and race

By now you have hopefully familiarized yourself with our members handbook and conduct expectations. Although we are a sociable community, WSR expects its members to be sensible and mature enough to understand what constitutes fair racing and acceptable conduct. As such we will not go into finite detail as to what is or isn’t deemed correct however we will have access to report incidents during these event and admins will be watching.

To be clear, we would prefer not to have any need for steward intervention but understand with a large grid of close racing cars, there may be incident. Drivers self-correcting issues such as giving a place back following unreasonable contact will not be penalised. However if you feel strongly that you have been on the receiving end of unfair driving, please complete the form linked below in order for it to be reviewed.


Steward intervention will range from formal warnings to stop/go penalties. Any instance of intentional and unacceptable unsporting conduct will result in black flag and instant kick from the server.